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09/19/2021 AM Intro to Paul's Letters Randy Hulshizer MP3, 14.1 MB, 40:57 min Slides
09/12/2021 AM The Word or the word of God Paul Roberts MP3, 12.9 MB, 37:27 min Slides
09/05/2021 AM Basic Framework for Ministry Victor Sohmen MP3, 12.6 MB, 36:33 min Slides
08/22/2021 AM Jonah 1 Steve Anderson* MP3, 14.2 MB, 41:19 min
08/15/2021 AM Ephesians 6 Sam Thomas MP3, 18.4 MB, 53:35 min
07/07/2019 AM Ephesians 4 Sam Thomas MP3, 13.9 MB, 40:32 min
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9/26 Family Bible Hour
"Baptism at Wissahickon Creek"
Speaker: Baptism Service
9/21 Bible Study
Romans 1:8-17
Leader: Paul Roberts
10:00 AM Remembrance of the Lord
11:00 AM Family Bible Hour and Sunday School
11:00 AM Ladies Coffee Hour
7:30 PM Prayer Meeting and Bible Study
And Christ is the head of the body, the church... that in everything He might be preeminent. Col. 1:18