Weekly Services
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9:30 AM Worship and Remembrance

During this Spirit-led worship service—often called The Lord’s Supper or the Breaking of Bread—we focus on the person and work of our Lord Jesus Christ as we remember who He is and what He has done for us (Luke 22:18-20).

All believers are welcome to join us in this corporate worship of the Lord. Some may participate audibly by sharing a thought, suggesting a hymn, or offering a prayer of thanks and worship to the Lord Jesus Christ. All may join in singing hymns and in silent prayer and worship.

As we remember Him, we follow the Lord’s command to break the bread and pass the cup as symbols of His body and blood and His perfect sacrifice for sins as we "proclaim the Lord's death until he comes" (I Corinthians 11:23-31).

11:00 AM Worship and Encouragement

11:00 AM Worship, Praise, and Prayer

Our 11:00 AM service begins with a time of worship in song, prayer, and praise. We typically sing 3 songs, which may be a mix of contemporary worship songs and traditional hymns. Between the songs, the service leader reads general announcements and prayer requests, and someone will open the meeting in prayer.

11:30 AM Family Bible Hour

At aproximately 11:30 AM, children are dismissed for Sunday School (downstairs) while adults remain in the auditorium (upstairs) for a message of encouragement and/or exhortation from God's word, the Bible. This service typically ends around 12:15 PM.

10:30 AM Ladies' Coffee Hour

Ladies are encouraged to meet together to study God’s word and enjoy a time of fellowship. Coffee and refreshments are provided. The meeting typically ends around 12:30 PM.

7:00 PM Bible Study and Prayer

7:00 PM Bible Study

From 7:00 PM to about 7:45 PM, join us for a conversational, verse-by-verse study of the Bible. Typically, the service leader will provide a brief introduction to the passage under study then open it to discussion as we proceed through the passage. All are encouraged to comment and ask questions.

7:45 PM Prayer

At aproximately 7:45, we will read and discuss prayer requests, after which anyone who feels led by the Spirit may pray. Our service typically ends between 8:15 and 8:30 PM.

8:00 AM Men's Fellowship and Prayer Meeting

All men are invited to join us at 8:00 AM each Saturday for a great time of fellowship and prayer. Our meeting typically begins with a time of informal fellowship and a short devotion. We then share prayer requests and anyone who feels led by the Spirit may pray. The meeting typically ends around 10:00 AM.

Coffee and light refreshments are provided each week. On the first Saturday of each month, a full breakfast is provided for our monthly Men's Prayer Breakfast.

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